Trianon – DVD

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The aftermath of the 100th Anniversary of WW I (1914 -1918) and the severe impact on the nation of Hungary is explored in this film. This bi-lingual (Hungarian and English) DVD includes insights from professors, historians, intellectuals, and poets in review of the various national interests leading to the Treaty of Trianon, signed at the Grand Palace in Versailles, France on June 4, 1920.

Also, bonus part of the DVD – ‘The Hungarian Spark in America’; a previously released video of the many accomplishments of those of Hungarian descent in the field of art, music, theater, sports, science, medicine, etc.

The DVD Menu allows the selection of Hungarian or English version, as well as, ‘The Hungarian Spark in America’.

Included with the DVD is a 22 page manual of the complete English dialog and maps contained in the video.

Trianon – DVD