Traditional Hungarian Christmas Series


Traditional Hungarian Christmas Series (October 20-21, November 17-18, December 2.)

You can sign up for the following 3 classes together and save.
Class fee for the 3 classes is $105.
See individual class details below.
Please check the dates before registering, registrations are refundable only until 15 days before the first class.

These classes are live, interactive via Zoom. Tunde will be cooking along with us every step of the way. As always, we will share tips, tricks, and our stories. Come and join in on the fun!

  • $105 per device.
  • Complete recipes provided.
  • Interactive class on Zoom!
  • Friends and family can be together in one kitchen to share the experience.
  • To protect participants’ privacy and encourage participation, classes are not recorded.

Special note: We highly recommend using a scale to weigh your ingredients. It will result in a much more consistent product! Scales are not too expensive.

Please check the date before registering, registration is refundable only until 15 days before class. Please allow up to 4 hours for each class.

Your recipes and the registration code will be sent to your email address about 10 days before class. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive them.

Mézeskalács (honey gingerbread) baking and decorating – October 20-21. 2021. 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern

Mézeskalács (honey gingerbread) is an old tradition in Hungary that goes back to centuries. While they are made for any occasion all year long, Christmas is the prime season for it. Families make simple cookies to eat and more intricate versions for decoration.

Beigli (traditional walnut and poppy seed roll) – November 17-18. 2021. 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern

Beigli (walnut or poppy seed roll) is the most traditional Christmas treat in Hungary. Families usually create many different types of desserts, but this one is rarely missing from the Hungarian Christmas table.

This is a two day class. The first day we will make the fillings, make the dough and the rolls. They have to rest before baking. The next day we will bake them. We will make 3 different fillings: walnut, poppy seed and marzipan and two rolls of each. You can serve one set for Thanksgiving and freeze the other set for Christmas.

Szaloncukor (traditional Christmas Candy) and Habcsok (meringue circles) – December 2. 2021. 7pm Central

We can’t imagine a Hungarian Christmas tree without these treats. To be honest, in Hungary most families buy these in stores, as they are commercially available in many different flavors. In the meantime, making it at home can be a very sweet family tradition and the home made also tastes better.

In this class, we will create two different fillings for the candies, coat them with chocolate and wrap them. (Supply kit for wrappers will be available in my Etsy store). We will also make the meringue circles.

Traditional Hungarian Christmas Series