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Family Research Sessions

Looking for some assistance as you research and better understand your family tree?

We understand genealogy research can be confusing and time consuming. While it is exciting to add people to your tree it is just as exciting to know the bigger story of the family. If your family line is from Hungary (or even more challenging, what was considered the Austro-Hungarian empire prior to World War I) and you don’t speak Hungarian, you know there are some language barriers. Not only that, there will be some resources that are out of your reach like general public records, newspaper articles, etc. Our two hour family research sessions can assist you in learning more about a particular family line in your family.

You can use this time to have someone help you translate letters or the backs of photos, understand what life was like during the time when your ancestors lived in the area, and maybe even to connect with distant relatives that may still live in the area.

Our Family Research Sessions are two hours long. If you sign up for a session, you agree to accomplish the following tasks before the session will be scheduled:

  • Sign up for a free Family Search account before the 2 hour session.
  • Complete and return the Hungarian Living Family Genealogy Survey.

In order to best serve you, we require our Hungarian Living Genealogy Survey to be filled out.  When the survey has been returned to us, your researcher will contact you with additional questions and/or findings. This initial survey will save the researcher’s time and will save you money.

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I was delighted my researcher was able to nail down the villages and addresses of where my ancestors lived in Hungary. My next step is to visit there! I was also able to get information about the villages my ancestors came from. Even though I have done a good share of research through the years, these extra details would have been difficult to pull together without knowing Hungarian. My researcher was a huge help!  ~ Beth
I have been dabbling in doing  genealogy research on my Hungarian side of the family on and off for years. However, I got more serious about it once we started planning our family trip to Hungary for April 2023. Although I already knew quite a bit about my family history, I soon realized that there were some important mysteries and questions that I couldn’t answer by myself (especially because unfortunately I don’t speak any Hungarian!). 
Searching online, I eventually learned about the Family Research Sessions through The Hungarian Store and signed up for an initial session. I was set up with a wonderful researcher, and I gave her my list of questions along with the family information I already knew. In just a few hours of research, she found out so much about my family that I never knew! The more we discovered, the more questions I had. We wanted more information about my great grandparents marriages, family home locations, etc.  I subsequently hired our researcher for more research sessions, and the information she discovered for us as been amazing. We learned that our family home was a Wallenberg “safe house,” got confirmation of some old family stories, and much more! Our upcoming trip will be all the more wonderful now that we have so much more context and information about our family.  Thank you!  ~ Chessie
Research Sessions