Hungarian Review using the MagyarOK Reader


Hungarian Review Class using the MagyarOK Reader

This class meets on Mondays from 1:30 – 2:30pm, Eastern time.

Class starts on Monday, August 21st, 2023. Gergely is the instructor.

We recommend this class to Hungarian learners who have already finished the Magyar-OK A1 book. The group offers the opportunity for the student to consolidate and somewhat expand his thematic vocabulary related to the A1 level, providing a solid basis for moving to a higher (A2) level. We deal with linguistic phenomena in context that are difficult to describe with rules, such as word order, common words and idiomatic expressions.

This class uses the MagyarOK Reader, which is sold separately and available for purchase from The Hungarian Store.

Thoughts from students who have taken this class:

I love the reading class!  On a scale of 1 to 5, it’s a 5 star for me:

  • Much less pressure than the regular language class because there’s less focus on grammar.  In the regular class, the exercises require a lot more effort to “get it right” – and, of course, we need that in order to speak better Hungarian.  Here the focus is comprehension.
  • Interesting topics in the readings that lead to open discussion after we read a section.  Gergely is excellent at leading that discussion and helping each of us with our particular struggles (i.e., pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary,  etc.)
  • Love the book!  A big plus – the book is in Hungarian & English – makes it all much easier.  Lots of useful vocabulary (words & phrases) for day-to-day conversation.  There’s additional explanation of some vocabulary/grammar concepts that are presented a little differently than the language textbooks – provides a great review.   – Sally

I enjoy the class because each segment has a theme and the repetition of the vocabulary is very helpful. We read aloud, we translate what we read, and then he asks us questions about what we read in Hungarian and we need to answer the questions!  – Vicki

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Hungarian Review using the MagyarOK Reader