Hungarian Language Review Classes


Would you benefit from some extra time reviewing concepts previously covered in your Hungarian lessons?

Check out our 12 week Hungarian Review Classes! Starting the week of August 22nd we are offering two 12-week-long review classes at 2 different levels. Each class is one hour long. In one level we will go through Chapters 1-4 of the MagyarOK text and in the other we will go through Chapters 3-5 of the MagyarOK text.

When you apply for a certain level, make sure to check with your teacher that the level is right for you. The question to ask is, “Will I finish that chapter before the review class gets there?”

The review classes will be similar to the ones we offered previously. But, this time we will have more time to practice, strengthen our Hungarian knowledge, and focus on certain grammar aspects. We will spend approximately 4 weeks in each chapter. We will focus on each chapter’s grammar and vocabulary with the help of listening exercises and translating exercises both from Hungarian to English and the other way around. But, we will focus a little more on translating from English to Hungarian to strengthen our ability to create Hungarian sentences with good grammar, and correct word order. Most classes will have conversation practices in breakout rooms.

Chapters 1-4 Review: Tuesday at 6pm, Eastern time

Chapters 3-5 Review: Tuesday at 7:30pm, Eastern time

Each class will have a maximum of 6 students.

These classes meet on Google Meet with Kati S. from California!

Hungarian Language Review Classes