Hungarian Language Clinic


Whether you are learning on your own or with an instructor there are always grammar and vocabulary questions that pop up! Our Hungarian Language Clinic is a great place to get your questions answered and meet others learning Hungarian! Each week we work through questions that are generated by the students and learn more and more about this amazing language! This is an opportunity (for anyone who has been taking Hungarian for at least 12 weeks) to ask any questions about grammar, vocabulary, or usage that they’d like clarifications on or more practice with.

Hungarian Language Clinic will be Thursdays 6:30-7:30 pm, Eastern time and starts on January 12th.

Come join us!

Please select “student” if you take Hungarian lessons through us with either Gergely, Anna, Kati, or Krisztina.
Please select “not a student” if you are not currently involved in our Hungarian lessons.

From our participants:

“I enjoy the clinic because it is a relaxed environment that offers something for everyone. Since the content is often student driven, it is a ‘everything you wanted to know about Hungarian but were afraid to ask’ atmosphere. If you heard it, read it, wondered about it and it’s in Hungarian — you’ll get your answer.” ~ Noreen

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the language clinic, but I have certainly enjoyed it. I like the mixture of hearing other people’s questions and being able to ask my own. I think the term Language Clinic suggests that you can stop in and ask questions and that’s certainly true, but it also don’t quite convey everything that the class encompasses – it’s like an informal “Talk about Hungarian” class along with “Talk about Hungarian culture.” I like that whenever questions come up I can email Anna (who usually answers me by email and then expands in class) but if it’s been a busy week and I have nothing to bring to the table myself, I can just sit back and enjoy the class and learn something from everyone else.” ~ Heather

Hungarian Language Clinic