Hungarian Dialogue Sessions


The cost for the twelve-week series is $180 but, if you are currently a student in a Hungarian language class offered through The Hungarian Store, the discounted price is $120. Hungarian Dialogue Sessions take place on Tuesdays 6:45pm – 7:45pm Eastern time. 

This 12 week session will start at the very beginning. These sessions are designed for people who know the sounds of the language and are in the early stages of their journey in Hungarian. The instructor will walk through the pronunciation of the set dialogue with the students, but it won’t be reviewed extensively. Topics will include basic introductions, buying a ticket, ordering food or a beverage, shopping at the market, etc. There might be a grammar explanation here or there, but this is not a substitute for a classroom setting. The goal is to practice speaking Hungarian and get comfortable with it!

Each week, participants will receive pre-set, topical dialogues in both audio and written format. All participants will meet on Zoom on Thursdays for the guided sessions with instructor and the participants. Expect plenty of pronunciation, reading, and listening practice during that hour and a little pronunciation coaching from the instructor. And, there will be a fair share of fun too! 

Hungarian Dialogue Sessions take place on Zoom and are not recorded. Listen to the Hungarian Living podcast episode where we explain the dialogue sessions HERE!


From our participants:

I thoroughly enjoy the dialogue classes. I like that the conversations aren’t long, that new vocabulary is introduced and grammar is explained. Anna makes the sessions fun and interesting. I’m very glad that I joined the classes.  ~ Marita

I have found that the dialogue meetings are a way to interact and be in a familiar environment. The other “members” are friendly and also are learning as well. I don’t have to feel self conscious in doing the dialogue and it is becoming “easier ” to act. I don’t have any family or any other acquaintances to practice with.  I have learned the correct pronunciation, and conversation that will be useful in a trip to Hungary. It is a good additional supplement to the language bookwork lessons.  Anna is helpful in both answering questions and providing feedback on pronunciation.   ~ Michelle

The dialogue class is a friendly, practical way to learn Hungarian in a benign setting. I strongly recommend the dialogue class to those who wish to learn Hungarian.  ~ Nick
Hungarian Dialogue Sessions