Hungarian Coin Rings


These rings are created from actual Hungarian Forint (HUF) coins and are a very interesting keepsake!

Each ring is different, depending on the year the coin was minted and its alloy components. On the face of each ring are the words from the coin itself, typically Magyar Köztársaság (Republic of Hungary).

Goldish tone: 20 HUF or 200 HUF will be used.

Silver tone: 10 HUF or 50 HUF for will be used.

Not all sizes are available as there is no additional material used to make the ring besides the coin, but we offer size 5 – 12.5. Comes with polishing cloth and pouch. Please mention desired size in comments when you check out.

Check individual style for in stock sizes. Shipping is included with this price.

Hungarian Coin Rings
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