Honeybunny the Unipuppy visits Hungary


Exciting news! Honeybunny the Unipuppy’s new adventure is here, this time in Hungary!

Ideal for ages 3-8.

This vibrant and engaging book is the perfect gift for children visiting Hungary soon or simply wanting to learn about its rich culture, delicious food, and amazing sights.

Join Honeybunny, the magical Unipuppy, as she explores Budapest, savors delicious traditional food, strolls along the Danube Promenade, and much more. Kids will playfully learn about the Hungarian language, traditions, and history while discovering everything Hungary has to offer alongside Honeybunny.

Why you’ll love “Honeybunny in Hungary”:

  • Captivating Story: Written by Renata Bell, who grew up in Hungary, and her daughter Suzie Bell, this charming tale is filled with adventure, humor, and love.
  • Beautiful Illustrations: Colorful and detailed pictures bring the story to life, creating an unforgettable experience for children.
  • Interactive Elements: Questions and activities throughout the book help children understand and remember what they’ve learned.
  • Perfect Gift: This book is a fantastic gift for families traveling to Hungary or simply wanting their children to learn more about the country.

Honeybunny’s Mission:

Honeybunny’s goal is to travel the world, introducing children to diverse cultures, customs, and traditions. By doing so, she sparks their curiosity about the unknown and encourages them to embrace and respect different cultures.

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Honeybunny the Unipuppy visits Hungary