Genealogy Jump Start


Genealogy Jump Start

If you are just beginning your genealogy journey and want to start looking into your family history in an organized way, we will start with the basics. While you do not need to have any information before we start the class, you will want to be sure to set aside time for your assignments each week. This class is a blend of tasks you need to take time to do, resources, encouragement, and accountability. We will go through the process step by step and, at the end of the our time together, you will have some organized information to pass onto the next generation! You will likely also be motivated to continue your research!

This class will start in late January/early February and meet on Zoom for four sessions.

Each week there will be family history assignments you will work on on your own. Then we will meet weekly on Zoom for further discussion, share our progress, and figure out where our trouble spots are and how to get past them.

Class will meet on these Wednesdays: January 25th, February 1st, February 8th, and February 15th

Choose from either

2pm, Eastern time

8pm, Eastern time

Genealogy Jump Start