Diamond Soup Noodles – 4 Pack


F554 Diamond ~ Zabkocka

NOTE: These noodles now come as a set of 4 packages of the same style of noodle!

You will receive four packages of these very small diamond shaped noodles that each weigh 8.8 oz.

This is another noodle that was often made and left to dry on sheets on every large flat surface of the home.

Imported from Hungary.

An overview of the noodles we carry from Hungary and their typical uses:

Diamond ~ Zabkocka Very small diamonds for a clear broth soup. 8.8 oz.

Thread Noodles ~ Cérnametélt These “thread sized” noodles are extra fine for soup. We use them with clear broth soups though some people use it as an angel hair pasta for light veggie/pasta dishes. Cooks very quickly. 8.8. oz.

Tarhonya ~ Egg Farvel This is a pasta for paprikas, soups or a delicious side dish. Sauté an onion in butter/oil mixture until soft. Add tarhonya and lightly brown. Add water and keep adding water (bring to a boil) until the tarhonya are as tender as you would like them. This is a noodle you are re-hydrating. Sometimes I also sneak in a little bit of chicken broth and paprika. 8.8 oz.

Csiga ~ “Snail-shaped” Csiga means snail. The csiga noodle was often made by hand (and still is) using a grooved board and a rolling tool. This csiga noodle is machine made. We love to use this little noodle in a clear broth beef or chicken soup or in Italian wedding soup. 7 oz.

Csusza ~ Szélesmetélt Long, broad noodles for csusza and casseroles. 8.8 oz

Large Squares ~ Kocka Large Squares. Great for cabbage and noodles, cottage w/bacon and noodles, and poppyseed noodles! 8.8 oz.

Strawberry Leaves ~ Eperlevel These noodles are wonderful in clear broth soups. Scalloped edges. 8.8 oz.

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Diamond Soup Noodles – 4 Pack

7 in stock