Celebrating My Heritage Genealogy Pages


Please note: If you live in Alaska or Hawaii or anywhere else in the world, you can purchase the Celebrating My Heritage Genealogy Pages, but you need to send an email to Liz@MagyarMarketing.com so we can bill you in a different way.

This collection of pages is a wonderful gift to get important conversations started with parents and grandparents, in laws, cousins, or a special friend who has a special story that needs to get started. Everyone’s story is special. Some people are right out there with their story and others you have to encourage in a loving way. This is a way to document family relationships and family memories.

This is a wonderful gift! Or fill it out and give it as a gift to your family, a beautiful keepsake.

Once purchased, you will receive a pdf file to your email address. This is can be printed on your printer or printed out at an office supply store. The document is colorful with space for you to write in your answers.

This item is included with your purchase of the initial two-hour genealogy session!

Celebrating My Heritage Genealogy Pages